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Re-Creating Parenting Expectations

Expectations are some of the most difficult things to deal with as a parent. Not just our own expectations, but the expectations of family, friends, neighbors, and the school community.

This is the first of a series of blogs regarding being honest about what we expect from our family life. We will BEGIN the process of recognizing what is working and what is not, moving towards re-creating expectations that are realistic and helpful instead of a burden.

CAN we all agree that often expectations add an undue strain to the already difficult job of parenting? This is especially true if you are parenting kiddos with anxiety, mood issues, autism spectrum disorder or kiddos from hard places, (kiddos from hard places = kids with a history of trauma, abuse, neglect, have been in foster care or adopted at a later age.)

In order to move forward and learn to enjoy our kids more, we all have to learn to re-create our own expectations for our life with kids.

Each post in this series will ring true for most families. However, if you are caring for a kiddo from a hard place or who experiences other emotional or physical struggles, then each of these scenarios will be magnified.

The key is to prepare as much as possible. Expect things to go differently than planned!

I am starting the series off with A discussion about Family Vacations.

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